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The words of the CEO

history of the company

Pooya Industrial Group was established in 1997 as one of the main producers of Polymer pipes and Fittings while importing  raw material , latest machineries ,extrusion and injection moldings from main producers in the world like Germany and south  Korea. The company has expanded its activity by producing Multi Layer Pipes of PERT-AL-PERT in 2008 benefiting from very loyal highly skilled production workers, technicians and competent engineers to achieve production of highest quality PPRC pipes and fittings.  Pooya Industrial Group also designs and produces molds for all kinds of plastic parts for the industry.

We are so pleased to announce that we have succeeded to step forward to increase the development and progress of our dear country . Having  competent and diligent engineers and employees , Pooyapipe has become a big family with day to day increasing accomplishments.



Pooya industrial group having with high speed production line can produce about 220000 meter pipes every day beside having 12 production line of fittings with the capacity of producing 400000 fittings daily.

In five layer pipes production there are 5 high speed extrusion  line with the capacity of producing 140000 meter PERT Pipes and 6000 PERT fittings daily with the best material.

Quality Control (QC) 

Quality Control is a part of quality management which focuses on the providing and completing quality requirements and works based on TS2900, ISO 2008, ISO 9001. Quality control department controls the quality of products in three stages:

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